Boschian Dark

Boschian Dark

Friday, 6 May 2011

Mondragon 'The Awakened Mountain EP' available now

I've just completed the first Mondragon EP, 'The Awakened Mountain', available as a digital-only download from Bandcamp.
It isn't a Baleful Eye release, it isn't heavy enough, but it is a fuzz-drenched ingot of trippy noise. The 1st Baleful Eye EP should be finished by June, hopefully.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Goldry Bluszco (2nd session mix)

Goldry Bluszco (2nd Session mix) by Mondragon

Fresh waves of madness break out on the arboreal shores of Caledon, Fuzz Warriors arrive to handle the outbreak.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Black Light Escalation IV

Black Light Escalation IV by Mondragon

Betwixt Mountains of Doom, and the Oceanic trenches of Digitum Silica, the Black Light maintains presence invisibly at sea level, only revealing of itself in momentous times.
The above is a glorious full-frequency wav. An mp3 version is available here-
Black Light Escalation IV (mp3-320) by Mondragon

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Downloads n'such

I noticed that the last track I uploaded to Soundcloud isn't enabled for free d/l, I went back and attempted, but failed to make it available. Luckily there is a simple alternative, as I have a wee profile on, so Nebuladelica, and some much earlier stuff is on there, and, now they've massively increased the space available, I'll probably use it as an online archive of the acceptable (quality).

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Nebuladelica- Ruff Mix

This is the mellow, to further throw into relief the noisy, I'd say it's the Planet Caravan to the other stuffs Iron Man, if that weren't presumptuous.

Nebuladelica-1st Version by Mondragon

Trichometric Profile Receptor: VARIANT

More ludicrously titled ventures into what I'm now calling C21st Doom, as my first microgenre attempt Doom Hop, was too confusing, considering what most people equate with HipHop nowadays, not the MoWax stylez I have in mind, thats for sure.

Trichometric Profile-Receptor Variants by Mondragon's Baleful Eye by Mondragon

Space Wizards of Cosmosis Sapientae

The first deliverance from the gnawing at the base of my brain, that has screamed out; FuzzyElectroDoomPentatonic lunacy, ya bastard, I think thats what it said.

Space Wizards of Cosmosis Sapientae by Mondragon's Baleful Eye by Mondragon